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We're building a Web3 identity hub on Kusama
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Slot 23 ( - )

48 weeks lease period


We won slot #23!
Thank you for your support.

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Crowdloan Details

  • Start Date: 21 Jan 2022
  • Slot Leasing Period
    (Parachain duration):
    48 weeks
  • Target Slot: #23-#25
  • Crowdloan Hardcap: 50,000 KSM
  • Token Reward Pool: 1 KSM : 30 LIT (Hardcap: 1.5% of total supply)
  • Crowdloan Campaign Deadline: 15 Feb 2022
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.1KSM
  • Reward distribution:
    LIT rewards will be distributed linearly in each block. The distribution starts once the Litmus parachain runs on the Kusama relay chain and balance transfer is enabled. Distribution ends when the parachain slot expires (after 48 weeks).

Distributed Rewards

Earn LIT token rewards

30 LIT / KSM Fixed Reward

For each KSM contributed to the Litmus Crowdloan, you get 30 LIT. The total rewards will be calculated based the amount of KSM contribution.

Reward distribution

Distribution will start once Litmus becomes a Kusama parachain and balance transfer is enabled. Rewards will be sent linearly in each block. We'll provide a detailed guide on how to claim your LIT rewards once we win the auction.

Bifrost Logo

10% Referral Bonus

Everyone is welcome to refer friends to contribute to the Litmus Crowdloan.

Refer a friend and share a 10% referral bonus (Referrer gets 5%, referee gets 5%).

Parallel Logo

5,500 BNC Liquidity Farming

Litmus contributors can contribute KSM through Bifrost, get liquidity vsKSM and vsBond, and get access to the Bifrost Liquidity Farming event.

Participants will share a 5,500 BNC token farming pool.


Auction Channels

polkadot.js - Litmus Crowdloan

Contribute through polkadot.js or Litmus Crowdloan WebApp

30M LIT/KSM Basic Rewards

Basic rewards applies to all polkadot.js and Litmus Crowdloan WebApp contributors.

10% Referral Bonus

Extra +10% bonus when you refer a friend. 5% to referrer, 5% to the referee.

Bifrost - Litmus Crowdloan

Contribute through Bifrost

5,500 BNC Liquidity Farming

Contributors can participate in the Bifrost Liquidity Farming and share the 5,500 BNC reward pool.

Event opens to Litmus Crowdloan contributors only.

Liquidity vsKSM and vsBond

Each KSM contributed to Litmus Crowdloan gets a liquidity vsKSM and vsBond issued by Bifrost

Shared rewards

  • 30 LIT/KSM Basic Rewards
  • 10% Referral Bonus
Bifrost logo

Contribute through Bifrost

2 BNC : 1 KSM extra rewards

  • 5,500 BNC Liquidity Farming, 30% 7-day APY
  • vsKSM and vsBond for each KSM contributed
  • Basic LIT rewards and referral bonus apply
  • Learn more


Have a question? Take a look at our FAQ page. You can also join our community and ask questions on Discord.

  • How can I contribute my KSM?

  • How do I claim my LIT rewards?

  • What is Litentry and how is it different from other DID projects like Kilt?

  • What is the difference between Litmus and Litentry?

About Litentry

The Web3 Identity Hub

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities across multiple networks. It provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

Holo Litmus

What we're working on

Data Service Provider to Crypto Users

Social Interaction (My Crypto Profile)

Social Interaction (My Crypto Profile)

Based on Litentry's cross-chain identity protocol, MCP could go further with the vision being proved. It has unique features for users to discover another identity in the Web3 space. In the future, MCP will keep exploring the interactions with on-chain identity, and make use of the NFT module because an identity could be regarded as a collection of NFTs.

Learn more

Data Service Provider to Projects

TaskFi & Airdrops Whitelisting (Drop3 Platform)

TaskFi & Airdrops Whitelisting (Drop3 Platform)

For now, projects like Uniswap had airdrops to their users based on unique addresses, but not unique identities. Validation and contribution methods proceed in a centralized way and face multiple questions like transparency, token claim fee, one-time distribution, etc.

Litentry identity verification system enables crypto projects to identify target users and filter out zombies in an airdrop. It also empowers builders in the web3.0 ecosystem with an innovative TaskFi platform, a user needs to complete the tasks, and the user could claim the reward after the tasks are completed.

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Litmus Crowdloan | Litentry in the Kusama Auction

Litentry will participate in the Kusama Parachain Auction in parallel with our current Polkadot auction bidding. We're aiming to bid for Slot #23-#25 starting from January 23rd, 2022.

We aim to launch the Litmus Crowdloan on January 23rd. The reward schema will be announced soon.

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